Pods Up North

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Why we love Spotify

Spotify are making some big waves in the podcasting world, and so it is a thrill that they are the sponsors for the first Pods Up North conference later this month.

I have been a paid up premium user for over a decade.

I have a real love for Spotify. Ten years ago I made adverts for them from my loft when my second baby arrived. I have been a paid up premium user for over a decade. I appreciate the way they programme music – especially once the head of music from radio 1 went to them. Their playlists became more relevant, from your personal Discover Weekly to more Topical or Weather oriented playlists. Recently I went on to family membership because my kids’ music was bleeding in to my Yearly Most Played playlist. They really are clever buggers. The more I think about it, the more I realise that my husband, my kids & I have a deep love of music, and Spotify has been the tool for many car journey playlists that we have made on the fly. All the music. All available. All the time. And then I launched a short form podcast called Everyday Positivity.

In April time we suddenly noticed that one of my episodes was getting huge numbers. It properly spiked. We trawled the internet for if it had been on a blog somewhere. It took us ages but eventually we found the source: the episode had been included on a Spotify Podcast Playlist “Mind Matters UK”.

The podcast playlists are absolutely Spotify’s unique selling point for listeners. Finding your next favourite podcast is a big overwhelming job, the playlist function reduces the search to just finding your topic and pressing play. Even the ability to hear this month’s top picks has to be more powerful than scrolling through the new and noteworthy.

Spotify have earned the trust of their audience with their music playlists, and now are carrying that to podcasts. It works for listeners and podcasters alike. A recommendation on one of their playlists can guarantee a lot more actual traction, than episode notes can. I have seen it work for me. I even found that I was on the top 200 Spotify chart. I mean that’s cool right?

So then Spotify sponsor Pods Up North. It means we can offer tickets at a reasonable price, and that the podcasters coming from all over the country can enjoy a conference full of cracking speakers and lessons. And that playlist function has come into its own because we have created a playlist of all the speakers’ podcasts here.