Pods Up North

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How it all began

The idea for Pods Up North simply came out of the fact that there’s nothing like this in the North of England.

The sheer amount of talent in audio and podcasting up here is phenomenal. The opportunity to develop that talent, often comes with costly travel barriers and some events that rack up into the hundreds of pounds.

We wanted to create something that was accessible and value for money – meaning from the start we really wanted to pack the day out and squeeze in as much as possible. Right now the count is 26 speakers, almost 20 sessions and two extra events included in the ticket price!

I also know the magical things that can happen when podcasters come together. Late last year I also started MIC’s Podcast Club, a monthly meetup for podcasters to plan and edit their podcast and hangout with other podcast creators – all over a beer. I started the Podcast Club because intrinsically podcasting is a) mainly done online b) it can be quite a solitary process. So with this, comes little opportunity to meet, in person, other podcasters! MIC’s resulted in people starting podcasts, getting collaborators, new buddies and even paid work!

Right now the count is 26 speakers, almost 20 sessions and two extra events included in the ticket price!

I can’t wait to see what magic comes from putting 150 podcasters together with the award-winning podcasts and audio industry experts!

We’re also delighted by the support we’ve received from the likes of the Manchester Podcast Festival, who each November bring the best podcasts to the city. Also, to receive big brand kudos from Spotify for our very first event is just bloody fantastic. I know event organisers are always like, ‘We’re are so excited to see you at our event’. But, genuinely I can’t even put into words how much we are looking forward to seeing you at Pods Up North. To have loads of podcast creators in the same room at the same time, to learn and network with one another, is right from Day 1, all we’ve ever dreamed of. We’re dead excited to you see there.

By Vic Turnbull, coFounder & Director MIC’s Podcast Club is hosting the official pre Pods Up North meetup on 22nd November.

More info and RSVP here.

8th November 2019
8th November 2019