Pods Up North


After much deliberation (believe us, we have been umming and ahhing for months!), we have decided to reschedule Pods Up North for Spring 2021.

We’re gutted, but we’ve made this move because we simply don’t know where events will stand this year. The rules on gatherings just keep changing and of course things in Manchester are still restricted too. It’s just too dodgy to go ahead and plan something when it could get pulled at a moment’s notice – we all know the government love those 10pm announcements! Paramount to all that is your safety too.

Now, we have toyed with the idea of going totally virtual, but we simply didn’t want to lose out on that great in-person buzz we had last year. 

If you have purchased tickets, you will have received an email from us via eventbrite. So, whilst we finalise dates etc we’ve taken the tickets off sale for the time being.

We’re not drawing a line under 2020 completely, we’re going to do a little something something online during the time we were originally going to be bringing us all together  ? but we will of course keep you posted about that.

If you have any questions about any of this, please do get in touch.

In the meantime, we’ve been in touch with our buddies at Podcast Movement who’ve offered you guys some discount ticket prices for their huge virtual festival this year. Scroll down for more!

Speak soon!

Ant, Kate & Vic x

11th September 2020