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Get legal whilst podcasting!

Pods Up North is back and we have some incredible and useful content for you to get stuck into! 

Our most recent event saw us host the next masterclass in our Pods Up series, Get Legal. One of the things we thought would be really useful for a masterclass was to do something around legal terms and understanding. Even though podcasting often lacks rules and is a bit like the wild west, it doesn’t mean it’s above the law. As the industry grows we want to help you to be more on it when it comes to the legal stuff!

So we invited top digital and media lawyer Cliff Fluet to talk to us about the legal implications and considerations when putting together a podcast. b Cliff has been working as a qualified lawyer for the last 26 years and previous clients include Warner Music and Capital FM. 

If you missed the live session, you can watch the replay now – scroll down for more!

What went down

Our live attendees took part in a Q&A session with Cliff hosted by our own Kate Cocker. Cliff stressed the importance of investing in legal protections for your IP and gave insight into some burning topics such as, what counts as fair use and how to use clips in your productions.  We also explored copyright protection, trademarks, and licensing.  Plus stuff we hardly ever think about, but should, like, who’s liable if you’re dishing out advice on your podcast and who has the right to your content if you have guests on your show.

On top of this is loads more really helpful advice to help you keep to the letter of the law as you’re making your podcasts.

If you missed the live event – watch the replay now!

You can watch Pods Up: Get Legal now. Simply head to our shop and buy the re-play for just £7.50.

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