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Pods Up North (2019)

Here’s all you need to know about Pods Up North.


About Pods Up North .

A conference for podcasters

Who We Are

A conference podcasters of all levels, to learn the latest techniques, get insider-industry advice and meet other awesome podcast creators.

What Will Happen

We’re bringing together the super talented and diverse podcast community for a day packed-full of panel discussions, workshops and talks with top speakers from across the audio world.

What you'll learn

From getting listeners to making money, you'll learn the latest techniques, get insider-industry advice, learn some killer new skills and meet other awesome, podcasters. All with the aim of helping you to create and continue to produce great podcasts.

Who's it for ?

We've designed the day to be for podcasters of all levels. From those who are just starting out, or if you want to discover how to take your podcast to the next level.

The event is suitable for people podcasting on behalf of an organisation, like your business, to solo podcasters, hobbyists and all podcasters in between.

What's covered ?

With over 25 speakers and 20 sessions, you’ll learn:

How to build your audience, how SEO & Shownotes can drive listeners to your show (nor not!), how to start a podcast from scratch, how to make the most out of your content, how to book guests, how to understand statistics, how to win a podcast award, how to build your podcast without chasing numbers, how you can get personal with your podcast content, how our guests have turned podcasting into a full time gig, what goes into putting on a live show, how to conduct a great interview, how to be a great storyteller, how to be an authentic presenter... and much, much more!!

The PUN Team .

Pods Up North is founded by the guys on the left, Ant McGinley (On The Left Side), Vic Turnbull (MIC) and Kate Cocker (The Presenter Coach).

The event team also includes the incredible good eggs Charles Commins, Faith Howley, Fran Rooke and May King Tsang who are bossing the marketing and event logistics and organisation.

31 Awesome Speakers

The Speakers .

You're going to be spoilt by this lineup of awesome speakers.
Our Pods Up North buddies

Sponsors & Partners .

We couldn’t do Pods Up North without these guys. A massive thanks for your support, backing and kindness.