Controller of BBC Sounds

Managing Director of Social Chain

The Presenter Coach

Comedian & Podcaster

Content Marketing Expert

Co-founder & CTO, Rebel Base Media

Kat Harbourne & Jenny Eells

Executive Member for Skills, Culture & Leisure for Manchester City Council

CMO and co-founder at &

Actor and Host of Two Shot Pod

Sparklab Productions

Radio presenter, podcast host & Sony award winning broadcast journalist.

Producer & Host, Magnificent Mothers podcast

Founder, Fight Disciples Podcast

Host, Anfield Wrap Podcast

Lead Producer, Chalk & Blade

Co-Founder and host of Tech for Good Live

Content Producer, Full Time Devils

Rugby Union Producer, BBC 5Live

Podcast Partner Manager and Producer, Spotify

Presenter, A Gay And A Nongay

Musician, DJ and Podcaster

CEO & co-founder of Rebel Base Media

Voiceover Artist and Voice & Accent Coach

Activist, writer and speaker

Content Director at Crowd Network

Descript's Business Development Lead

Award Winning Podcaster

Creator Partnerships Manager, Spotify

Associate Partner Manager, Acast

Freelance Podcast Creator

Award-Winning Broadcaster

Founder & Chief Plugger, Ear Plug

Award-winning Presenter