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May King Tsang

Hello everyone, my name is May King Tsang. My first name is May King and I call myself the UK’s #1 and the original FOMO Creator.  FOMO means the fear of missing out and I help to bridge the gap between Social Media and PR.  I do this by:

  1. LIVE Tweeting: helping events to sell tickets next year’s event, at this one.
  2. LIVE Social Media Reporter with several years’ experience interviewing business owners, challenge creators, conference organisers, attendees, speakers + sponsors.
  3. LIVE Content Creator. I can tweet on average 1200x, (546 at virtual ones) a day; create 100 stories, 12 Facebook +/or Instagram post plus LinkedIn posts per speaker, all created LIVE.

The crux of my work is to create content: real, raw and right now.  Creating the buzz across your socials gets the lurkers excited where they may buy into your product, service, digital challenge or your next event and that is what I can help you do for your next launch, challenge festival or conference.