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Rebecca Rae-Evans profile image, Pods Up North guest speaker.

Rebecca Rae-Evans

Bex has been podcasting for 10 years. Yes, 10 years. Yes, she doesn’t look old enough. Starting out on community radio, she began podcasting her show. This took her on a 10 year journey through a variety of bedrooms, laptops and snowball microphones to her latest podcast, Tech for Good Live that she founded with some other friends working in the same sector.

They’re now set up all professionally as a community organisation, with a logo and everything and have expanded from 5 friends in a pub to 15 friends (and totally well professional experts) rotating weekly on a podcast recorded out of an actual studio. Despite their explicit rating on iTunes, they’ve been invited worldwide to perform the show live at conferences and have had some famous guests (if you’re a tech ethics or charity nerd)